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Episode 21: Great Smoky Mountain National Park

In Episode 21 of the N2Backpacking podcast series, I speak with JD (aka Trail Hard) about his passion for hiking and backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park – the most visited in the United States.  

On the show, we discuss his quest for a third map in the “Smokies” – or the completion of every trail in the Park.  While a “map” is technically ~900 miles, a hiker walks roughly 1500 miles to complete it.  And JD is on his third map – dang!  Fewer than 400 can even claim one!   

So he definitely knows the Park and JD offers up some of his favorite trails, vistas, campsites, and hidden treasures in the Smokies .  He also shares some weather, wildlife, and comaraderie in the backcountry and gives some tips to those that are out for a day, weekend, or multi-day trip in the Park.  

For more on JD, you can click to his Trail Hard website to find some cool gear or hook up with him for one of his “meet up” hikes with the Great Smokies Hiking And Adventure Group.  

Subject: Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Interviewees:  JD (Trail Hard)
Interview Date:  February 4, 2014
Runtime: 1:20:16
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Great Smoky Mountain National Park (MP3 format 70.0 Meg)


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